Update on Bluff’s Lodge and Coffee Shop

It has been a while since we’ve shared any real update on the status of Bluff’s Lodge and Coffee Shop on the Blue Ridge Parkway. In fact, our last post about the Bluff’s Lodge closure was dated in October of 2010 by Dr. Houck Medford.

Since then we’ve had many comments inquiring about whether this popular spot would be opening any time soon. We recently emailed the National Park Service staff for an update. Here’s the response from Lisa Davis, Concessions Management Specialist for the Blue Ridge Parkway:

A prospectus for solicitation of offers for a 10-year concession contract to provide for lodging, food and beverage, and retail services at Peaks of Otter, Rocky Knob and Bluffs/Doughton Park was issued this week. Proposed offers / bids are due to the National Park Service / Blue Ridge Parkway by July 27, 2012. A selection panel to determine the new concessionaire will convene in August. The new contract will become effective in the fall for food and lodging operations to begin at the Bluffs in the spring of 2013.

We regret the Bluffs Lodge and Restaurant will be closed again in 2012, but
look forward to the opening in 2013.

As of right now the NPS is actively seeking bids for the concession contract, and hopefully we can all enjoy what the Bluffs Lodge and Coffee Shop has to offer soon.


  1. Ed Page says

    It is wonderful to see that the picnic area at Doughton Park is now back open! I took my family there a couple of weeks ago and we had a great time. Thank you!!! Any ideas on when the Coffee House and Inn may open?

  2. says

    To whom it may concern:

    It is now October 13, 2013 and I haven’t been able to find any official update concerning the present status of the Bluff Lodge or the Cpffee Shop.
    Isn’t there any present knowledge of any possible way in which to update and reopen these Historically locations?
    If possible, PLEASE update us with any present info.

  3. Annette Brown says

    Is Bluffs Lodge open for the Fall of 2013? My husband and I have been going there
    for years. We miss that place so much. It’s like God’s Country all around that place.
    Please, please reopen again. We miss the restaurant, too…..especially the waitresses
    and the delicious food.

  4. Susan Dixon says

    It upsets me to here that Bluffs Lodge and the Coffee Shop are closed and are deteriorating ! I am 58 years old and have been enjoying Doughton Park all of my life ever since I was a little girl. Used to love hiking with my father up to the water tower and down the trail (well part way) to the cabin below. I took my children there when they were young for the same reasons that I enjoyed it. Early dinners at the Coffee Shop where you converse with the same local waitresses that have been there for many years ordering their fried chicken, country ham plate or turkey with dressing and late evenings sitting on the stone patio meeting people from all over the country enjoying the view of the pasture and mountains in the background. It was a feeling of peace that you got there. My husband and I are planning a parkway get away and will truly miss our stop there ! So sad……

  5. Ed Page says

    Can we please get an update on the bluffs lodge and coffee house? I took my family there yesterday. We were sorry to see that the everything was still closed up and that the landscaping was starting to get overgrown. This year, even the picnic area is closed. It is a shame to see what was once such a beautiful place, closed and completely disregarded.

    Ed Page

  6. says

    We are so ready for fried chicken we’d drive to the Bluff’s from Chapel Hill just for that…
    We really mis the lodge, Resturant and nice people up there. After spending 30+ years
    staying there it became part of our sprind and fall hot spot… Please reopen !
    From many of us out there …

  7. Loraine McCosker says

    I am making plans for the summer. Will Bluff’s Lodge be opened 2013? We have a friend visiting from Europe. Our kids have grown up there. A welcome respite.

    • Virtual Blue Ridge says


      Unfortunately we do not have any additional updates at this time. It looks like Bluff’s will be closed for this season again. As soon as we have any sort of news to share we will do so immediately.

  8. says

    My wife and I have been so concerned about the closing of Bluffs Lodge and the Restaurant
    at Doughton Park. We have enjoyed this so many times during the past years we were
    VIP return renters and have missed this so much. Has the concessionaire been chosen?
    Has an opening date been determined? We are ready to occupy! Jay Davis

  9. Robbie Lane Jackson says

    Bluffs Lodge is one of the few decent places one can stay on the Parkway, all the way between the VA line and Cone Memorial or Blowing Rock. I have no desire to stay at the noisy Station motel, although I highly recommend it to Motocycle riders. The restaurant, at last count, had one waitress who’d been there since 1954, all locals working there, all friendly and great cooks, and nice, clean restaurants. What the idiot Park Svc has assured is that families like ours who’ve been going there for 6 or 8 generations simply won’t go there anymore. It would take almost an hour to get to West Jefferson or Shatley Springs to eat or shop, but we loved Doughton, where we started camping 32 years ago, approx. There is no excuse to close the Lodge when any number of locals could easily run it. I’ve owned and run a B&B, as well as a 20 room motel. I wonder why they simply didn’t advertise for qualified people to keep these places open. Duh!!! Bunch of idiots. Can’t NC ever leave things alone that don’t need fixing. I will really miss the wonderful breakfasts and other meals. Thanks again for ruining our summer, and if you really want to run it into the ground and get the worst food available be sure to get AH Slater, or whatever it’s called now. They ruined all the food service At NC State. Institutional food at its worst. The counties that surround Doughton are some of the poorest in the State. These folks needed these jobs!!

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